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Dessert Prices

Our master bakers are unstinting in their efforts on behalf of your tastebuds. All of our goodies are made from scratch, right here in our own bakery, using only the finest all natural ingredients.

Item Description Price
Berry Tart Berry Tart
Raspberries and Boysenberries dusted with powdered sugar, on a bed of Crème fraîche.
Brownie Brownie
Chocolate Brownie, topped with whipped cream and a squiggle of chocolate syrup.
Carrot Cake Carrot Cake
Double-layer hand decorated frosted carrot cake, made with almonds, walnuts and pecans. By the slice or buy the cake.
Chocolate Strawberries Chocolate Strawberries
Served on a saucer of glazed dark chocolate, garnished with flower petals du jour.
Lemon Meringue Pie Lemon Meringue Pie
Rich and lemony, sweet and tart, with fluffy meringue and a crisp light flaky crust.
Chocolate Decadence Chocolate Decadence
A romantic chocolate lover's delight, perfectly sized for two.
Cherry Cheesecake Cherry Cheesecake
Made with sweet cream, sour cream, whipped cream, cream cheese and of course, cherries.
Gingerbread Stars Gingerbread Stars
Seven sweet ginger snaps, a holiday favorite available anytime, year round.
Confectioner's Favorite Bakery Special: Confectioner's Favorite
Favorite after cherry cheesecake, of course. Chocolate, fresh berries in season, and our own special combo.
Waffle Sundae Bakery Special: Waffle Sundae
Come in for a thick hot waffle topped with a banana-split sundae with hot fudge, chopped walnuts and a cherry on top. Whipped cream upon request.

Don't Fear the Fat

Here at Cherry Cheesecake, we believe you should never eat "reduced fat" treats. Have the real thing, but less often. And when you do, sit down, hold still, and give your mouth your full attention. Enjoy your treat with no distractions or other activities. Close your eyes, focus on your tongue, and slowly savor each and every precious, delicious bite for as long as possible.

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