Green Drinks

Here at Cherry Cheesecake, Dreamweaver-flavored drinks are our specialty.Below you will find a selection of our favorite beautiful drinks made with our famous Dreamweaver Green.

Item Descripton Price
Dreamweaver Green Drink in a Tilting Tumbler

Tilting Dream
Two shots of Dreamweaver, on the rocks, in a very special tumbler.

$ 6.95
Dreamweaver Green Drink in a Tall Iced Tea Glass

Tall Cool Dream
Dreamweaver ice tea, with lime and kiwi, a summer favorite.

$ 5.95
Dreamweaver Green Drink with Creme de Menthe in a Fishbowl Tumbler

Short Sweet Dream
Dreamweaver and Grasshopper.

$ 7.95
Dreamweaver Green Drink With Lemon and Lime in a Fishbowl Tumbler

Round Sour Dream
Dreamweaver, Lime, and Lemon.

$ 5.95

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