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I got the code for this widget from Roy Tanck, who has generously made it open source.
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Now I'm officially an Adobe Certified Associate in Dreamweaver.

Below are links to various websites I've made, including The Melody Pages (the site that used to be here on my home page).

To the right are the same links, along with a few other, newer sites not mentioned below, in a clever widget by Roy Tanck.

In addition to the xhtml, Dreamweaver and Flash, these sites feature a lot of my own photography, and for the easter eggs on the Art Deco site, a bit of Illustrator work as well. Not to mention that time-thief Photoshop. Notice the matching bookmark/favorite icons. I love making those little icons. (Ask me how! No, I don't make them with Photoshop.)

thumb of melody The Melody Pages
This site's former index page. My Final Project for my first html class. All hand-coded, no Dreamweaver.
thumb of Art Deco homepage Art Deco
My Final Project
for last year's Flash Animation class. Two easter eggs, very obvious ones.
thumb of Streetflowers Streetflowers
My Final Project for last year's (2008) Dreamweaver class. All photography, art, css, colors & shading are my own work.
thumb of Cherry Cheesecake Cherry Cheesecake "The Imaginary Bakery That Serves Dreamweaver-Flavored Drinks," or,
"Yet Another Dreamweaver Exam." This site features advances in skill that mostly don't show.
soundplayer Compute Spectrum
An exercise in ActionScript. Turn your speakers way down before you click on this one. It's loud because the spectrum's showier that way. Passiflora
A brief narrative about passion flowers, for the sole purpose of demonstrating some movie effects that come with Flash. Plays more smoothly the second time through.

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