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About Crimson Rosellas


Now, you might think the most obvious thing to say would be something like, well, for starters, they're red. But guess what? For starters they're not red! Not red at all, because they start out green! No really, green all over. When Melody was a baby, she was green. 'S'truth, I have witnesses. Ask my mom.


Uh, well, no, I don't have a whole lot of proof. I didn't have a camera yet. At the time, I was all hot to have proof in the other direction, proof that my bird would one day be red all over. Nobody believed me. She was very convincingly green, the same green as you see on lots of kinds of parrots. I scoured the internet, and turned up like two pictures. I wish now that I had made an effort to get some pictures of Melody when she was still green, because even now, when I can easily find oodles of pictures of adult birds, an hour of searching has turned up only a few good pictures of juveniles, and of those, only a couple that look anything like she did. Here is a link to a picture of a young Crimson Rosella which looks pretty close.