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In the Garden

Melody's colors are so fabulous. I decided to take some pictures of her in a "natural" kind of setting, my so-called garden. My "Garden" is a bunch of potted plants on my porch. It's mostly ferns, but I have one pot of black bamboo.
Standing on Black Bamboo

Sometimes Melody is so cute I can hardly stand it. Good thing, too, because this cute picture makes up for how much I didn't like it when she started breaking off those defenseless little black bamboo stems just because they're crunchy.
Biting the Black Bamboo

If you're thinking, "hey, those aren't bamboo leaves there," notice they're not attached. I also have a couple of China Doll trees (in pots, yes), one of which has dropped this trio of leaves onto the bamboo.
Climbing the Black Bamboo