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Melody, my Crimson Rosella

What Melody Looks Like

Melody is a parrot, she has long blue tail, like a Macaw's tail, not a short like an African Gray or a pigeon. She's bigger than a cockatiel, but still fairly small, about the size of a bluejay. Most of her body is brilliant red. She has black-and-red markings on her back and wings, periwinkle-blue cheeks and wing markings, and a blue tail. Her beak is whitish, and her toenails are blackish. When Melody was a baby, she was green.

Where Melody Came From

Melody hatched just south of downtown Point Reyes Station, at Creekside Birds. She was one of a clutch of five chicks. The chicks were moved to an incubator box a few days after hatching, when the parent birds stopped feeding them. Crimson Rosellas are native to Australia, where they are, according to an Australian lady I once met, "very common, like sparrows."