& Tulips

The Baby


The Baby Ladybug

This little guy (or girl) was FAST. I tried four times and finally had to pick it up just to keep it ladybug larvae on my fingerfrom zipping under a grass blade or completely out of the frame. I don't have time to keep making images in new sizes and resolutions, so this little thumb is not a link. But the other, not so little thumb below links to a bigger picture that in turn links to a detail from the picture at its original size. Huge.

Macro Lens Engage!

My camera's macro lens is just astounding. Click on this picture, then click on the next picture.That pic is a clipping at the original resolution. Be amazed at the sharp detail and focus, because I was squatting on the grass, balancing on my toes, holding the camera with one hand while turning the other over and over (chasing to keep the speedy little baby in my viewfinder) when I took this. And it's in focus! And what focus! Just click, you'll see what I mean.