Urban Flowers

There are a lot of flowers growing in various places up and down the street where I live. Every now and then I become hyper-aware of how lovely some of them are, looked at closely. Then I have to get my camera and go flower-hunting.


This time of year (March, in California) is a fine time to encounter a bazillion kinds. My camera, which frequently takes absolutely loathsome pictures of people, nearly always makes glorious portraits of anything that is not a mammal. (Cats, for instance, are impossible, but birds are easy. Go figure.) Most particularly, the "macro" setting of my camera's point-and-shoot options has amazing range. I can shoot in-focus from many feet away, yet use the same setting for very nearly a low-power photo-microscope.

A Few Words About This Site

This page was originally created as part of a Dreamweaver class final exam. While I went above and beyond what was required for the class (I got an "A"), this means there are a few things on this site that are odd (such as using a Flash text object for a "Back" button), because they're only here to meet a particular requirement . The CSS toggle is new.

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