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California native wildflower. Also happens to be the state flower. I said I'd put links to detail images on the poppies page, so here they are.
poppy on the grass
See that thumbnail there? Ya wanna see up close? Really, REALLY close? Click on this thumb, then click on the picture it takes you to. There's only one link for the flower below, it will take you straight to the incredible hugeness of the original resolution. Only blurrier, because I gotta keep the file size down, right? Right.

Poppies are Changeable

The three colorations you see here are all the same kind of flower. Now, I admit that the three individual poppies shown on this page are three poppy on the sidewalkdifferent flowers, not all the same flower, but that's not why they have different amounts of yellow on their petals. The difference is the time of day that I took the pictures. Any one poppy will have all three kinds of coloring if you keep an eye on it. They're two-tone flowers in the mornings, and become solid orange as the day wanes. Then at sunset they curl up their little petals and go to sleep. Cool, huh?